Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 36, April 12

Today Mr. Craig was gone so Mr. Cox was the sub again.  He didn't have the plans for the student assistants in the sub plans so I had to call Mr. Craig to get that.  One student assistant was gone and the one that was there was on crutches so he couldn't do much.  I felt like he was my student assistant though because I then decided to have him just work on his homework and I used the key to get the elevator for him  There were more kids at interventions because it was the last day and we kept running out of sheets and having to print more.  I stayed by the buckets of ice again because some boys were having competitions about who could keep their arms in the longest.  During second, I had to go the the trainer's to fill the cooler with more ice.  It was way to heavy for me to carry.